“I have been in this industry for over 12 years and I must say this was the most exciting conference I have attended. The forward thinking individual tracks were great for me and my management team loved them as well. Already reserved our spots for 2020 back in The Big Easy.
Barry Nicks – President, Expert Water Removal

"CONNECT 2019 has been the best restoration conference I have attended in the last 5 years. Not only has it helped me get more out of the software, I came away with ideas on how to better operate my business. My only regret is that I didn't bring more of my team to attend the other tracks.”
Ben Sutton – Owner, Rainbow International of NWPA

“I believe I was only one of a handful of yet-to-be-users of the Next Gear platform, but that really didn't hinder what I got out of the conference. The whole conference was really well done, unique and ran so smoothly the event didn't feel that it was the pilot year. I attend about 5 shows a year and CONNECT was the most beneficial and fun conference I've attended recently. I'm looking forward to bringing my entire team to next year's conference.”
Mollie Neil – Vice President, 123 Exteriors

“I really enjoyed attending CONNECT in New Orleans! The Hyatt Regency was incredible. Helpful staff, clean rooms, and so many amenities to take advantage of! The Next Gear staff were easy to identify and made themselves readily available. It was evident they were there to help us and really listened when I had a question/concern. Being in a group of people who do what I do and hearing how they manage their tasks and struggles led me to take away bits and pieces I can apply to my own daily duties. I am looking forward to next year!”
Kimber-Lee Kuyvenhoven - Project Manager, ServiceMaster of Edmonton

“We attend several conferences every year and this was the first one that we felt had any value besides the typical networking opportunities. We will be back and will try to have at least one employee in each track next year.”
Vic Beck – Owner, Arcus Restoration

“If you need a confidence boost, help or information on how to be more productive, tips on being successful, guidance in your specific line of work in the industry or anything really, this is the place to be! Well worth it.”
Maggie Corder – Mitigation Manager, Coastal Restoration


“I really enjoyed the conference. It was nice to hear from some of the same speakers as Champion Days, but it was all new material. I walked away from the conference with an excitement about this industry and how to improve on my efforts as a sales and marketer for our company.”
Crystal Durman – Marketing, PC Restorations

“Being around so many people that are like-minded and want to push it to the next level makes a huge difference. I feel like I was at a conference with people that wanted to be there versus people that had to be there.”
Gabe Matthews – CEO, Christian Brothers Emergency Building Services

“Next Gear CONNECT hit it out of the park with their Inaugural 2019 conference! Great speakers and timely info! Cutting Edge!”
Tommy Miller – Manager, ServiceMaster of Lafayette

“I came away with additional ideas based on time spent chatting and sharing with my peers and the Next Gear team. The "CONNECT" atmosphere made that possible. Thank you!”
Jessica Gravett – Director of Client Services, Rytech


“The Next Gear CONNECT Convention was a great experience. It was informative and fun, which was a nice break from the trenches of the restoration industry. I can't wait to see what Next Gear puts together for next year's conference!”
Melissa Wallace – Operations Manager, PHC Restoration

“This was my first tradeshow/event and I was blown away. Next Gear put so much time and effort into this conference and it showed! I appreciated that we got to spend our days with people who do our same jobs everyday - it was an incredible opportunity to collaborate with each other.”
Ashley Immerman – Client Services Manager, ICC Restoration & Cleaning

“This event was one of the most informative conferences I have attended in quite some time.”
Christopher Miles – Owner, Revitalife Contents Recovery & Restoration

“The Next Gear CONNECT User Conference is well worth the investment. Being able to network with the NG staff and other restoration companies on best practices can be a game changer!”
Lori Eads – Program Manager, Woodard Cleaning & Restoration


“I've been in the restoration industry for less than a year. I've attended Champion Days and Next Gear CONNECT. I've learned more from these events than anything else. Every company and all the Next Gear team are so open to sharing information and helping us improve. It's an honor to be a part of the Dash Team.”
Buddy Hall – Business Development, Harris Services

“Great event. Thoughtful content. Very well organized. Lots of opportunities to connect with NGS staff and other business owners. Loved the different tracks, something for everyone. I’ll be back next year.”
Simon Broad – EVP of Operations, FRSTEAM

“Truly one of the best new industry events I have attended ever. Track design allowed specific roles to spend meaningful time covering the most relevant content. great format for teams to gain maximum benefit.”
Brandon Donatelli – General Manager, Superior Restoration

“Next Gear team and the CONNECT Conference is on track to being a true leading force in our industry, I am looking forward to growing our business with yours!”
Josh Hendrickson – President, Dryco Restoration Services

to use.jpg

“The Next Gear team went above and beyond to make the week of training valuable and worthwhile. I really appreciate their knowledgeable staff and expertise, and their willingness to work individually with us to make sure we had what we needed before we left.”
Brittney Hensley - Owner & CEO, AR Restoration

“CONNECT was really great for me and my business. I learned some valuable things from Garrett and the other speakers, as well as the other business owners that I spoke with while attending that I have already begun to incorporate into my business.”
Matthew Evans - President, Restoration Pro

“CONNECT was a great conference! I thought separating people by their role and tailoring classes to them was beneficial and it was nice to talk with peers in the business to see how they handle certain situations. Well done Next Gear!!
Karen Snow – Project Coordinator, M.A. Restoration

“My team and I had a blast and learned a ton at Next Gear CONNECT! I am looking forward to others in our company learning from others in the industry and the team at Next Gear.”
Mike Wilson – Operations Manager, Premier Construction & Restoration


“I was so pleasantly surprised at how well this conference went. Everything ran smoothly, or seemed to from the outside, which counts! The number of opportunities we had to connect with the folks of NGS was phenomenal and offered a lot of time to discuss questions and get to know the team face-to-face! New relationships were formed! The content of the Administrators and Coordinators track was so helpful and Peggy made it fun at the same time. One would never believe this was the first conference Next Gear had offered to their clients. Kudos, NGS! You all are great! Can't wait for CONNECT User Conference 2020!”
Elisabeth Munford – Software Application Administrator, Jenkins Restorations

exhibitor 1.jpg